5 Car Brands Customers Don’t Buy Twice

With the increasing competitiveness that can be observed on the automotive market, less and less people are subject to brand loyalty that characterized a few decades of the 20th century. Cars are also made to be much more reliable and last longer which drives consumers to purchase any of the brands offering quality and durable cars.

While brand loyalty still exists with some companies doing extremely well on that chapter, there are some that barely manage to get buyers back to purchase their models. Here are the top 5 car brands that consumers are less tempted to look back to when buying another car.

5. Scion

While this brand has met relative success on their debut more than 10 years ago, it is currently facing great economic difficulties. Sales are dropping and probably the main culprit is the lower quality compared to similar cars in addition to being less dependable. Scion has barely brought any new additions over the past few years, making it have less than 26% repeat customers. While its parenting brand Toyota is doing extremely well, Scion has yet to impress customers to buy a second car from it.

4. Jaguar

When it comes to Jaguar, quality is definitely not an issue. The Jaguar models are often described as being superior in quality to similar cars, and they also get to top spots in terms of quality. So if it’s not a quality issue, then what is it? The fact that most Jaguar models sell for more than what other luxury brands offer and the increased competitiveness in this sector as well makes Jaguar have 25.45% repetitive buys, showing that price is a highly important factor, regardless of the car class.

3. Dodge

With the brand being under the tutelage of the Chrysler Corporation and the numerous problems in terms of both quality and dependability, Dodge has less than a quarter repeat purchases. While the brand as a whole does manage to sell quite a few models, buyers who own a first Dodge rarely look for a second model.

4. Chrysler

Just as in the case of the subsidiary Dodge, Chrysler is making decent sales on the car market, it’s just not in the repeat customers niche. Chrysler is having less than 23% repeat customers, a thing which is affected by a variety of factors such as fuzzy brand identity and lower variety in terms of models. There are many more brands that offer both diversity and while focusing on brand identity that are better at capturing the interest of repeat customers.

5. Mitsubishi

Many people have heard of Mitsubishi, as the brand is the sixth largest in Japan and the 16th automotive manufacturer in the world. However, the lack of appeal on the US market coupled with limited advertising and product variation makes Mitsubishi the last brand customers buy twice, with 21.77% repeat buys. Many Mitsubishi models also perform below average in terms of quality and dependability, adding to the lack of appeal towards this brand.

While these five car brands are far from being the worst, they have the least appeal for people who have already owned a model from them.