Are Rental Cars for Sale a Good Option?

If you are in need of a car and you do not have the money for buying a new one, you surely did some research on the subject and, very likely, heard of rental cars for sale. What is the idea? Are rental cars a good choice or should you opt for used cars instead? Well, let’s see the basics first!

Selling and Buying Rental Cars

Rental agencies use lots of cars. They are passed on from one user to the other there comes a moment when they have reached a certain mileage or age. The agency will surely want to replace them, but has to find a way to make money from the old ones. The obvious solution is to sell them. They may do it directly, or via a third-party dealer that collects such used cars and puts them on the market.

As a wannabe car owner, finding rental cars for sale is piece-of-cake. Just ask local rental agencies what they do with their used cars, if they have any cars for sale and how can you buy them or simply look for such information and contact car rental agencies in your area online.


The big pro of buying rental cars is the price. Just check out some prices and you will surely find them interesting. Is there anything dubious here? Not when you think things through! Car rental companies have their own ways of getting their cars at significantly discounted prices. And, if they can buy them cheaply, they will also sell them cheaply, when the time comes, especially since they need the money fast, to invest in new cars.

Furthermore, there is quite a low competition among buyers. Few people think of rental cars for sale when they are looking for a deal, and even fewer decide to go for this option. There is a common myth that these cars are usually in a bad shape, so many choose to purchase their vehicles from other sources.

This means that you are again lucky: few potential buyers means that the prices will go even lower and you are in for a real bargain.

Car Condition

As mentioned above, many think that such cars are being sold in a bad state. Furthermore, when they see rental cars for sale after just one year of usage, they think something is definitely wrong with those cars.

Actually, many rental agencies afford to sell their cars after a short term and buy new ones, again, because they are able to get big discounts. More than that, they may have high end clients who can afford to pay a little more on the condition to drive a new car.

It is true that many rental cars have minor defects, like some scratches on the outside or a stain on the tapestry, but the engine and the parts that really matter are most likely intact. Rental agencies usually ensure regular quality maintenance work to all their cars in order to gain their clients’ trust and stay on the market.

From this point of view, rental cars for sale probably have the best quality to price ratio on the used cars’ market. Experts and buyers agree on the exceptional maintenance that makes these vehicles function like brand new, even after several years of usage. Furthermore, reputable companies have their cars thoroughly inspected prior to selling them.

Finally, if you do not trust them, you always have the option of ordering an independent inspection, from a neutral enterprise, a professional mechanic you hire, or, simply, a friend with proper knowledge.

The bottom line is that rental cars for sale are an option you should not neglect when looking for a cheap vehicle.