Best Used Cars Under 15,000 What Are the Finest Models Available

Having a good car does not necessarily mean spending all your money; some of the best used cars under 15,000 will definitely provide you all the space, comfort, power and safety you want, plus a good look and a nice feeling.

You find these cars at state or private auctions, or on various online trading platforms. With just some research, you will certainly find some good stuff at incredible prices, and, keep in mind that some cars just never get old.

2007 Ford Mustang

Yes, the Mustang is one of the American classics. All guys have probably dreamed of driving this magnificent vehicle at one point. When talking about the best used cars under 15,000, this car could not miss. And, to further make your dream come true, it is easy to customize and upgrade.

2008 BMW 3

If you want German quality and reliability and you are a fan of the Bavarian brand, BMW 3 Series is just what you need. With either rear-wheel or all-wheel drive (depending on the model), well-balanced, sturdy and with a great design, the BMW 3 is a fine asset. The price varies according to the qualities of specific models in the series, but you can easily find some at prices below $15,000.

2006 Acura TL

Another one of the best used cars under 15,000, the TL is hard to depreciate, even after long and intensive usage. It has a fine design, user-friendly controls and good road handling.

2006 Honda Pilot

It is a good crossover, with lots of space for people and cargo. It is a practical, while not necessarily also a fun choice.

2012 Mazda 6

Many people find its exterior design quite odd, and especially the front fascia. However, reliability and sturdiness make it one of the best used cars under 15,000

2010 Kia Soul

Not really sporty, but with a definitely funny design. It is rather new, spacious and perfect for city driving. Driving qualities are also fine, so why not choose this one?

2008 Subaru Impreza

All-wheel drive, a remarkably powerful engine and the easiness to handle it on road make it the ideal choice, especially for driving on bad weather. It looks good and has lots of useful safety features, not to mention that you can easily find it at convenient prices.

2006 Subaru Outback

Another fine vehicle, with all-wheel drive and strong engine, the Outback is a successful mix between a crossover and a station wagon. Spacious, sturdy, reliable and fuel-efficient, this is certainly another one of the best used cars under 15,000. Not only that it is cheap, but you also save big money on fuel.

2010 Toyota Prius

You like hybrids? Well, they are a fine choice for saving money and the environment (yes, with all their drawbacks, of course). A Prius is “green”, looks good and is reliable. Also, the prices for used models are remarkably convenient.

2006 Toyota Tacoma

If the car of your dreams is a pickup, choose a Tacoma. It is compact enough so that you can actually park it anywhere in the city, inexpensive and, like all Toyota trucks, incredibly hardy.

Tacomas are incredibly popular worldwide, with lots of users, and there are serious reasons for that: they resist to pretty much any kind of driving and hold their qualities for a long, long time. Think that even the Talibans used to love the Tacoma, as a primary mean of wandering through the war-torn Afghanistan!

If you are looking for a good quality to price ratio, then, the Tacoma is certainly among the best used cars under 15,000.