Buy A Car With $20,000

Most people search for used cars within a particular budget. Although not everyone is capable of buying a new car, the used cars under the $20,000 bracket is a perfect choice to look at exquisite models with an age of 5 or 6 years. There is a wide availability of vehicles under the bracket, and people have an excellent opportunity to choose. There is always a vehicle for everyone. It depends on the need, the usage and the most importantly, the budget.

Acura TL – 2004 to 2008

The first in the list is the Acura TL. The luxurious vehicle is the perfect choice for a family that seeks comforts, performance, reliability and style. The powerful 3.2-liter engine delivers a massive 250 Hp. A long list of standard features, sharp interiors and exterior, automatic and manual transmission, excellent ride quality and handling make it the best in its class. People with a penchant for sports styling and power can look towards the Type-S model that has a larger engine with increased horsepower.

Chevrolet Camaro – 2010 to 2012

The bold style and a powerful engine make the Camaro a stand-apart from the general crowd in the segment. The V6 engine is a perfect addition and delivers the required performance and power. The whooping 323 horsepower is a way over the other models. The iconic styling beats the new entrants in the market. The Chevrolet Camaro is a perfect vehicle in the $20,000 category with loads of standard features. Further search in the market will help a person come across models fitted with additional equipment, features and performance oriented parts. It is an ideal selection for individuals who seek style and substance.

Ford Escape – 2008 to 2012

The Ford Escape is the perfect SUV for a bigger family. The crossover is an ideal option for people who consider less maintenance cost. It also includes the fuel-efficient Hybrid version. Although the styling and the features are standard, depending on the vehicle is possible due to its robust construction, performance oriented engine and reduced maintenance cost. The standard 4-cylinder engine is capable of delivering 28 miles per gallon and is the best fit for a family that considers mileage as a prominent feature.

Honda Odyssey – 2005 to 2010

The other name for quality is Honda. Honda has a great reputation across the globe for offering some of the finest cars in different classes. The Odyssey is one such vehicle and a perfect fit for a big family. The minivan has all the necessary features and equipment that most of the vehicles boast today. The muscular V6 engine with an output of 240bhp delivers an incredible 21 mpg on average. It is one of among the most trusted, reliable and affordable vehicle in the sub $20,000-price bracket.

Buying a car with $20,000 is an excellent choice. The price bracket is a mix of power and performance. A careful search on the internet will support in collecting information about several models within the category.