Seeking Lower Car Auction Prices at Small Dealerships to Get a Big Bargain

Unless you’re a big time dealer with a lot of cash and experience, looking around for low car auction prices at a large automobile auction may not be the best course of action.

Who needs a huge, competitive auction that’s likely to sell the best items at a less accessible price – and some of which might not even accept anyone without a dealership license – when you can buy an excellent car at a decent, small dealership auction?

Why Look for Smaller Local Dealerships?

Car auction prices can vary in many cases depending on where you go and what you’re more eager to buy. While large SUVs that aren’t that old and are equipped with a variety of high end features may sell for more than $10,000, a somewhat older car that shows visible signs of wear and tear but still runs pretty well much actually be available at prices below $4,000-5,000 at a small auction.

There are many good reasons why you’re better off investing some money at a smaller auction rather than going to places where wealthy dealers and traders may be your main competitors:

The first and most important advantage of a smaller auction is that in many cases it will allow you to bid on your favorite cars even if you’re not a dealer.
Also, there are fewer chances of the event being rigged or of regular, wealthy buyers being given an advantage. This is often because fewer wealthy dealers will be interested in the auction as a whole – which is great news for investors in search of a better bargain.
Small auctions can still have great cars. Even though they might not bring them in all that often, smaller dealerships can occasionally provide an overall more expensive vehicle at a great bargain, and the best thing about it is the competition won’t be all that intense.
A lot of these auctions will be organized during work hours. This means that by doing your homework properly and finding the auction in time, you can end up being the first person there and inspecting the cars thoroughly which will give you an advantage.
Finally, smaller dealers can be more honest, and they will be much friendlier when it comes to revealing information about the cars and allowing you to thoroughly inspect them to find any unusual or hidden flaws.

Car Auction Prices and Long Term Use

Low auction prices are an exceptional advantage when you’re interested in the long term use of a purchased car for your own benefit. Buying a personal car can be quite expensive when using a regular dealer, and an auction is ideal for finding a low-cost, vehicles that have low depreciation and can run for a longer time without significant mechanical problems.

Buying your dream car will be much more affordable and convenient when you’re relying on a local dealership car auction, prices being on average not only much more accessible for the first buyer, but also making it easy to resell the car for a profit after a few small repairs.