The Opportunity and Potential Offered by a Trusted Salvage Auto Auction

Unless you’re an experienced mechanic or car enthusiast, salvage auto auctions might not be the best way to find your new dream car. Nevertheless, these auctions can still present buyers with a remarkable opportunity to get great cars at lower prices.

You’d be surprised at just how little damage it takes to earn a car a salvage title. The good news is that with a trained eye and by having a close look at the vehicle, you can estimate quite accurately how much you’d have to spend on getting it to look and feel brand new again.

Can You Trust a Salvage Auto Auctions

The trust factor is a big issue when it comes to salvage car auctions. It’s actually very simple to explain this, since what you’re really looking at in most cases is a set of cars sold as they were brought in.

salvage_CarThat means they were never fixed, and it can be difficult to find out whether the accident, or damage that they went through affected them permanently or caused problems that are hard to pinpoint.

As you will see in many cases, however, the organizers will tell you straight out that the cars are damaged and that there is no warranty deal of any sort. So, as long as buyers are aware of those terms, it’s actually their responsibility to spot the best cars and try to get a good bargain.

Challenges to Look Out for

There are, of course, many other challenges you need to be aware of. If you’ve been to a few salvage auto auctions in the past, you’ve probably seen how some cars seem perfectly fine, while others look like they were assembled in an old garage – which, in some cases, may be true.

The real problem with this is you can’t really know what to expect, and even online car checks based on the vehicles’ VIN numbers are not likely to help much.

Even if you have a great deal of experience and you find a good salvage vehicle, insurance difficulties may still be a problem. Some insurance companies will hardly pay anything on salvage car claims, since they don’t believe them to be worth much.

How Can You Gain the Best Offers?

Even with all these difficulties, getting a salvage car from an auction can land you with an exceptional deal. Even a sports car that has been damaged in a flood or accident could be bought at a bargain, and everything will work out as long as you play your cards right:

First, it pays off to be aggressive about gathering information about the vehicle of your choice from the seller.
Don’t buy a car without test driving it – if at all possible. Also, look for sounds or behaviors that may indicate extreme wear.
Talk to your insurers before buying the car, and find out if you can get it insured or not.
Observe all parts and areas of the car’s exterior and try to do a thorough inspection. If you know a friend who’s an experienced auto mechanic, bring him along as well.

Of course, salvage auto auctions may still be a risky endeavor to some extent, but by following the tips presented here, you can at least turn them into a calculated and potentially highly profitable risk.