Tips From The experience Of Buying My First Car

Buying a car for the first time is an exciting moment. Going to a show room and seeing so many varieties of cars it-self, makes us feel like going for a test drive on each and every car. But then, we must keep price and time in mind, to buy the perfect car that fits our budget and satisfaction.

How to go ahead and buy the first car

Buying my first car was certainly a moment of excitement and happiness. You must do research about the dealership, from where you are buying your first; brand new car. Many people might need loan to a buy a new car. Thus, checking the credit score is very important. Gather information before buying a car, so that you do not get bullied by the dealer. The first thing you must do in order to buy a new car is to decide, which car you really want to buy.

Here negotiating the price is a bit stressful and time consuming. Other than just the price of the car, you must also pay some amount for taxes, registration fee and so on. Thus, you should have a proper invoice from the salesman about the payments, related to the new car. Singing the paper work when the car gets delivered to home is the best moment, when you ultimately feel the ownership of a brand new car.

Finding the right car

For deciding which car you should buy, you must keep in mind few points. You must think of how many passengers would be occupying the cabin. What safety features are important to you, whether you need children’s seats in it or not; and especially whether your garage space fits the car or not.

Few tricks to use while negotiating

Do not let your dealer know beforehand what you are dying to buy. This will weaken your position to negotiate, with the dealer. Never ever give them the idea of the car you already have, if you want to go for a trade-in. It shouldn’t be done without knowing the market value of both the cars that you own and the car that you are planning to buy. Do not let the dealer know your budgetary constraints. First discuss about the car and look for the options you have. Later you may buy the one, which is reliable and can be used for long period of time.


Warranty is absolutely necessary, while buying a new car. Look for the warranty that is available. Few cars have couple of years on their warranty book, while some have it on their mileage. Do check the facility of servicing that comes along with this warranty.

Music System

Look for Bluetooth and USB ports in your car, as these are very much needed for communication and other entertainment facilities like radio, music and so on. You certainly do not want a car without music.

Navigation System

Car should have the navigation system, so to help you drive in the right direction; when you need to reach somewhere within specified time and you have no additional time to ask for directions or get lost.


Sensors are the best choice, as you do not have to stress yourself looking here and there, while you reverse the car. Auto headlight system is also a new technology that helps you to keep your lights in auto mode and let the car do the rest for you. Now you do not have to take the stress of switching it on or off. Car will do it all by itself, depending on the situation where it is needed.

Word of advice

Figure out your priorities, talk to people to know about new technologies and feature available for cars and take control from the beginning, while buying a car. Do not let any dealer take advantage of your ignorance. Thus, have knowledge before buying a car. Once you have known everything, then you are all ready to buy a new car and enjoy the new pleasures of life!