Valid Tips On Buying A Used Car That Will Save Time And Money

College days are a lot more fun with a vehicle in hand. College days are signified with low cash at hand and limited spending. Some students still manage to save money. Starting at school they save a lot and accumulate enough, to be a little spendthrift in college. This allows them to put a thought into buying a used or second hand car. There are dealerships and then there are individuals. Dealerships normally have the upper hand because:

They have a wide variety to choose from.

Prices are negotiable.

These two points make the used car dealerships a top choice for students. Now there are flashy cars and there are the old faithful. Different people choose differently. The salesman at the dealership often persuades the buyers, to go for the costliest option. I mean that’s obvious, he will go for gold each time, someone visits his dealership.

Now with the transparency everywhere, even channels like Discovery and National Geography have Television-shows on buying and selling of old cars. I watch them often and have even tried what they tell us to do. It actually works. I got myself a Chevy Camarro, a few months back. I saved a lot of money and the car is in great shape. Some of you may disagree with my choice, but what can I say, I have a weakness for old American classics.

Tips On Buying A Used Car Which Will Help You

Now we all know and have heard about the endless battle that is waged between the buyers and sellers. The used car market is no different. It is a long match of tug of war. The person to stand his ground with his opponent at his feet wins. The salesman tries to lure the buyer into more profitable deals for himself and the buyer obviously tries to resist the irresistible; and sticks to his plan. This is easier said than done, for obvious reasons.

Here are a few tips I picked up along the way, which are sure to make your deal go smoothly and better for you:

Always have a budget: Finances in everyone’s pockets are limited. Spending is only possible after saving. Saving takes years on end, whereas spending takes a second. So obviously you wouldn’t want all that saving to go to waste; would you? Make up your mind on how much you are willing to shell out for the car. And promise yourself not to go over the line come what may. If you do go over the line once, the salesman can make you do it again.

Select the right car: You know your needs and so you can select a car accordingly. Do not buy something, which is of no use.

Check the history: Some dealerships openly show the papers related to the history of the car, whereas some sell stolen cars; without providing any information. The fact of the matter here is to make sure you know everything, so that you do not get into trouble later because the salesman will be long gone by then.

Check and test drive: A mechanic is a good friend while buying a used car. He will be able to tell you the current condition of the car and the work that needs to be done. For self satisfaction a test drive is always recommended. See how the drive feels, whether it’s comfortable or not.

All these may be obvious points, but we often tend to forget and overlook them due to excitement and tension. Hence, do pay attention to minute details and save not just money, but also yourself from any future troubles.