What Are the Best Used Cars Under 10,000

Looking for best used cars under 10,000? This is understandable, since many people have a limited budget. The good thing is that there are a lot of online and offline auctions, offering various fine models at prices far below the market average.

Here are three good cars that you can easily find at prices below $10,000 at most such auctions and which are appreciated by specialists.

2007 Ford Fusion

Most experts agree that this is a fine choice for the above mentioned budget limit. Its fuel consumption is somewhere around one gallon per 29 miles (highway) and 20 miles per gallon in the city. It is spacious enough, very comfortable, and it has user-friendly controls.

One of the greatest things with the 2007 Ford Fusion is the design. When you are looking for the best used cars under 10,000, you certainly want one that looks good. The car’s exterior is incredibly sleek and stylish.

It also has impressive acceleration and handling. Add the low fuel consumption, and you get a great car for a low price. Prices between $9,000 and 10,000 are common for used 2007 Fusion.

2007 Ford Focus

The 2007 Focus is a great option from another point of view: fuel economy. One gallon of fuel means 24 miles on city roads and 33 miles on the highway. Yes, that is right: 33 miles!

This is what makes this model one of the best used cars under 10,000. Not only that you do not spend much when purchasing it, but you also save lots of money on a long term.

The interior looks and feels fine, with comfortable seats for both driver and passengers.

Another reason the 2007 Ford Focus is so impressive is its driving performance, described by many drivers as “fun”.

You may find great such cars at prices around $7,000.

2003 Infiniti G35 Sedan

When talking about the best used cars under 10,000, it is hard to forget the G35 Sedan, by Infinity, Nissan’s luxury division.

You can get one for as low as $8,000. With 24 miles/gallon on the highway and 17 miles/gallon in the city, it is not comparable with the other two models, in terms of fuel efficiency.

The strong point is another one: performance. This car is powered by a strong V6 engine and road handling is very good.

It also has sufficient interior space and comfortable seats, appreciated by most users.

Supercars at Less than $10,000?

It is possible if you know where to look. As for makes and models, here are some of the best used cars under 10,000.

Chevrolet Corvette C5;
BMW M3 E36;
Audi S4 B5;
Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo;
Porsche 968.

All these vehicles have gorgeous designs, perfect interiors and powerful engines. They may not be so efficient from the point of view of their fuel consumption, but they will certainly make you look like a business men and help you create a great first impression.

A little research will help you see that all these models have a market price far, far over $10,000. However, there are many used cars auctions, including some organized by the police or the government, where you can find them at incredible prices.

While prices are great and the cars amazing, you should check their technical condition before bidding, as some may require extensive repairs, and you certainly do not want their cost to exceed your budget limit.

Leaving technical details aside, remember that auctions are your best chance of finding some of the best used cars under 10,000, so do you research, and happy bidding!