Why Don’t You Consider Buying A Car At Auction Of Police

It is indeed a great idea to go ahead with buying a car at auction, as it is more reasonable financially; for anyone who can’t afford a new car. Imagine where you could find a used Mercedes or Cadillac at a low price? Not even in the second hand car show-rooms; I believe. Thus, the best option to go ahead and bid at the police car auction, where they have repossessed, decommissioned, government seized or impounded vehicles to be sold off to generate revenue for the state. These vehicles belonged once to the criminals, drug peddlers and drunk drivers; but they are usually belonging to good brands as mentioned earlier.

How police auctions are better than any other auction?

Till some years ago, the police auction were used to be simply gray and serious places; where people or dealers went to bid for the middle-aged decommissioned vehicles. Now that’s not the scene anymore. Today there are dependable gems that are known in the open market for their performance, durability, stability and looks. Hence, this kind of vehicles make the police auctions a rewarding hot-spot to bid for the finest car of your choice.

Couple of tips to observe when bidding in a police auction

Do reach early, as the police auctions usually start early in the day. Hence, reaching there before anyone does, would give you a bit of leverage in terms of checking out the cars, as well as taking a peek in their hoods. If you get more time in hand, then you may also check the ones that attract you the most because they match your requisites.

Thoroughly check the car because they may have scratches, leaks, dents, excessive mileage, rust, misalignment and more like it. Do remember that you may not be allowed to start the car and take a roll to assess its complete condition. Hence, it would be better that you check the physical condition very well, prior to bidding.

If you are not much aware about how to buy cars in an auction, do bring a faithful friend or a mechanic, who can assist you in making the best decision and bidding on the chosen cars.

What to look out for in police auction

This is the real deal here, so you must keep your eyes open and look out for few things; important in police auction.

Do consider that all of the vehicles in police auction are either decommissioned or seized, so you must not expect any kind of maintaining work carried out on them; while they are in the custody of police. Here you may end up attending to the car with little or more repair to it. Vehicles in these auctions are usually sold on ‘as is,’ which mean that you can’t test drive or even start the engine of these vehicles.

Do check out the reason for which the cars have come to the auction in the custody of police. Especially, if it is a rare brand and model or a classic car that looks fresh. You shouldn’t buy a car that has a gruesome history and people wanting to get it back. Hence, check the identification numbers or the registration numbers and try to find out its history.

Always remember that there is buyer’s premium to be paid, which will be 5% upwards to the car’s price, which you will be paying. Hence, do the math properly.

Though, you may not find your choice of car in the very first police auction, so you might have to keep attending the various auctions that the police department conducts. Initially, it will be a bit confusing, but with the help of friend or acquaintance, you’ll understand the entire process soon.